TRUST CONSTRUCTIONS S.A., based in Thessaloniki, was founded by a) Andreas Koustas and b) Evangelia-Athena Tsakiridou, Engineers - Public Constructors, them being the only shareholders of the company.


The above Engineers – Public Constructors have had a long-term collaboration in separate construction project venturesand have completed together a series of small and large projects of all categories.


TRUST COSTRUCTIONS S.A. was founded with MEEP (Registry of Contractors) No. 22654 and 2nd MEEP class in the CONSTRUCTION – HYDRAULICS – ROAD CONSTRUCTION category, A1 in HARBOUR and 1st Class in the E/M (Electromechanical) & Industrial category (See MEEP/YPECHODE Certificate).


There is experience in the construction market of Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Athens and other cities, through the construction of large-scale projects.

The company comprises of executive members, collaborating engineers and specialized consultants who have worked on special projects. Thus, it can successfully respond to the requirements of major projects.


During the last eight years, the co-founders of TRUST CONSTRUCTIONS S.A., with various joint ventures, have carried out CONSTRUCTION and E/M projects with budgets of more than €10 million, some of which can be seen below (Appendix I)